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Yankees win, WatchDog Twitters, Hank talks . . . on to football

People watch a live broadcast on TV at

People watch a live broadcast on TV at a discount store in Tokyo as their hero, Hideki Matsui, led the Yankees to a World Series title. (Nov. 5, 2009) (Credit: AP)

I had the privilege of being on the field after both the final game at old Yankee Stadium and the final game of the first season at new Yankee Stadium, and I can report the following: 

The latter was much less depressing.

Among other things, this time there weren't media members gathering dirt from the pitcher's mound as souvenirs and/or eBay offerings.

One of the oddest sights was Hank Steinbrenner - SportsWatch's 2007 New York Sports Media Person of the Year - talking publicly again.

I hung with him for a while, then left him to Jim Baumbach, who wrote a story here.

Other than that, I collected quotes to throw onto our Yankees blog and wandered around aimlessly.

Covering my first World Series was a memorable experience, from kibitzing endlessly with baseball writers on Twitter while killing time between pitches to eating free cookies in press boxes on both ends of the Jersey Turnpike.

Here is our complete coverage on Newsday.com, starring the baseball coverage crew that has been at this every day for more than a month.

I thank them for having me as a guest contributor for the past week, and won't hold it against them if they don't vote me a full share from Newsday's World Series bonus pool.

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