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Yanks celebrate; TV people annoy

The scene along Broadway as fans ready for

The scene along Broadway as fans ready for the Yankees to pass by during their World Series parade. (Credit: Photo by Jen Uczen)

I watched bits and pieces of the 11 television channels that carried the Yankees parade live, and have come up with a plan to make coverage of next year's championship celebration easier to take:

Gather all the non-sports department TV news reporters in a room before the festivities, then have Derek Jeter walk in and wave. When they all pass out from excitement, begin the parade without them.

I can't pretend to have seen every goofy TV moment, but my favorite came from Ch. 4's Andrew Siff, who began yelling at Robinson Cano on a passing float, "Robbie! Robbie!"

It appeared he was not seeking an interview. Rather, he just wanted to get his attention and, um, I suppose to wave hello.

Which was when I waved goodbye to the 2009 Yankees parade.

Uh, oh. Now the ceremony at City Hall has begun and Mayor Bloomberg is saying corny sportsy stuff to sound like a regular guy.

At least Bloomberg pronounced John Sterling's and Michael Kay's names correctly. Big improvement over the "Bob Popper" incident after the Giants parade in February of '08.

Now the team is walking onto the stage. Hal Steinbrenner has really great hair. Good enough to be a TV newsman!

OK, I'm done. Enjoy, Yankees fans.

Photo: Jen Uczen

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