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Yanks thump Giants in NY ratings

The Yankee blew out the Giants in the ratings race in New York Sunday night, but the national contest was much closer, with the Yankees in the lead based on 56 major markets measured in "overnight" ratings.

In New York, ALCS Game 6 on Fox averaged 26.4 percent of New York's 7.4 million or so homes, and 40 percent of those with a TV in use.

The Cardinals-Giants game on NBC averaged 9.3 and 14, respectively.

Nationally, the baseball game averaged 11.4 percent of homes compared to 10.4 for football.

(Here's a wrinkle for ratings nerds: If you removed New York from the national overnights and measured only the other 55 major markets, football would have beaten baseball, 10.5 to 9.8.)

No more blogging today. Have to write a newspaper column.

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