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YES announcers finger Robinson Cano for not busting

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Nice work by YES's John Flaherty and Michael Kay getting all over Robinson Cano in the second inning Monday night for failing to hustle out of the box.

This could get really interesting if the losing continues down the stretch. Anyway, here goes:

FLAHERTY: It’s a nice line drive, just kind of taking it easy, not really busting it, then he sees Gomez bobble the ball, and it’s just too late at that point. You have to be thinking two all the way . . . Those are the little plays that winning ball clubs do; they put pressure on the defense and they force the issue.

KAY: I tell you what. We just saw the Angels, OK. They do that every play. That’s unacceptable for him to run out of the box like that; I don’t understand why it happens over and over and over again. And if one team can do it, why can’t everybody on the Yankees do it? Everybody on the Angels, every single base hit, they run hard out of the box. Robinson is just admiring that line drive, and who knows what could have happened if he was busting it?

FLAHERTY: We already saw Gomez came up and the throw to second base was off-line. So, if Robinson would have been busting it and rounding, he would have been at second base easily. You have to follow the lead of your captain on this Yankees ballclub. Derek Jeter hustles every time down the line; he forces the issue. And you want to put pressure on the defense.

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