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YES will shoot through net from behind home plate

Over the weekend Peter Abraham reported in his Yankees blog that there are concerns regarding the TV-friendliness of the new Yankee Stadium.

Sure enough . . . the biggest issue is that the "high home" camera behind the plate will be shooting through the netting that protects fans in that seating area.

Originally, the shot was even worse, with wires holding up the netting in the way, but YES moved that camera lower to avoid that problem.

It is not unusual in modern stadiums - including in Washington and San Francisco - to have this problem. Nets these days tend to be larger than they used to be.

"The lower camera position eliminated the wires but we still have the netting and chose to do that because it was a much better view than the first one," YES spokesman Eric Handler said Tuesday.

"The height of the screens is a function of the way these new stadiums are built, which factor in safety concerns. It's a concern. I haven't seen that shot in a telecast setting so I can’t project how it will look. Sure, we’d love to have a clean shot."

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