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Yo, Mr. T.: Dan Reeves would like to coach again

Interesting stuff from Dan Reeves on Sirius today regarding his desire to return to coaching and his thoughts on the Broncos firing Mike Shanahan.

Click below for the news release from our satellite friends.Today on SIRIUS NFL Radio, regular SIRIUS host Dan Reeves spoke with fellow SIRIUS hosts Bob Papa, Peter King and Randy Cross.

Papa asked Reeves if, in the midst of this current coaching carousel, he had any interest in getting back into the league. Reeves said he would indeed like to get back onto the sidelines and has an agent to explore the possibilities.

SIRIUS host Bob Papa: “When you see all these things going on around the league is there an interest on your part to get back involved, whether it is in coaching or in a front office where you’re a decision-maker?”

SIRIUS host Dan Reeves: “I’m definitely interested. When I lost Robert Fraley as my agent – [he] died in a plane crash with [professional golfer] Payne Stewart – I never replaced Robert. I was in Atlanta and so when I got let go in Atlanta I just never went after [another] agent. But I’ve got one now. I want to see what’s out there. I definitely would be interested in getting back into coaching. I know that sounds crazy when you board a plane in Newark [NJ] like I did Monday morning, about 7:30 Monday morning, landed in Atlanta and turned on the radio and three coaches had been fired while I was in the air. So why in the world would someone want to get into a business like that? But, you know, it’s in your blood [and] I can’t get it out.”

Reeves also talked about the firing of Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, who was let go from the franchise yesterday.

Reeves: “First of all it’s a shock. I had no idea that that would happen. I don’t think anybody did. Gosh, I think Mike had three years left on his contract and he and [owner] Pat [Bowlen] seemed to have such a great relationship. I certainly didn’t see that. I know that had to be a big disappointment, having a three-game lead with three games to go and to have that happen. It had to be disappointing for everybody. I was shocked. They have constantly been one of the top offensive teams in the National Football League since Mike has been there and their defense over the last six or eight years has really struggled. But, you know, when you’re in charge of everything then certainly the brunt of the decision has to fall on your shoulders.”

Reeves: “It was a surprise. But it was to me. I can remember when I was fired we had just gone to the championship game the year before [and] lost to the Buffalo Bills when we missed, like, three field goals, I think, in a 10-7 ball game. I coached the Pro Bowl, was going to get an extension on my contract because Pat [Bowlen]’s house was over in Hawaii and said we’d get the extension done. Never contacted me. I never worried about it because he said he was going to get the extension done. And then the season started and I said, ‘Well, I don’t want to negotiate a contract at the start of a season.’ We started out – I don’t remember what our record was but we had a winning record anyway – and John Elway went down with an injury and missed about eight games and we had two rookie QBs because Gary Kubiak had just retired. So we had two rookie QBs and when John went down we played those games with rookie quarterbacks and then had a chance to still be in the playoffs at the end of the season and went into Kansas City and got beat. And on the way back on the airplane I kind of felt something was wrong because, you know, Pat was usually very talkative and everything and nothing was said. And the next morning I was called in and was told he wanted to make a change. When the owner wants to make a change there’s not much you can say or do. In fact, I never even really asked him why, what were the reasons for it.”

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