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Zack Hample hits Newsday, capping media ascent

(Credit: Watchdog)

Here is my Zack Hample story from the Friday paper, in which the world's foremost baseball gatherer talks about finding a cab on Amsterdam Avenue, the odds of catching home run balls in back-to-back games at Yankee Stadium, the reaction of his girlfriend to his home run dance and other important subjects.

I was one of several journalist types Zack spoke to this week, including the CBS "Early Show" this morning, which blared the caption "Home Run Hero" under his name. Yikes.

Hample came within 10 rows or so of another home run ball Thursday night at the Stadium. ESPN showed the highlight and identified him merely as the "fan" who had caught balls in the bleachers Tuesday and Wednesday.

Just "a fan?" People, he's part of the show. In fact, it's time for him to have his own vehicle on ESPN Classic, isn't it? They could call it "Cheap Seats."

(UPDATE: Good Lord, Zack's on WFAN with Ca-Boom now!)

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