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Michelle Beadle laments fake dead girlfriend who got away

Michelle Beadle co-hosts "The Crossover" TV show on

(Credit: NBC Sports Group)

As Michelle Beadle noted, "The last two, three weeks have been gifts from the sports gods."

So they have been  - from Katherine Webb to Manti Te'o to Lance Armstrong and beyond - if you are co-hosting a cable show whose aim is to blend sports, pop culture, social media and personality.

Problem is, "The Crossover," on NBC Sports Network is not set to premiere...

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Marv Albert marks half-century of Knicks games

Broadcaster Marv Albert works the game between the

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Marv Albert’s call of the Knicks’ victory in Boston on TNT Thursday had a neat historical undertone: It came four days before the 50th anniversary of his first-ever Knicks call – also in Boston.

As noted by sports media historian David Halberstam for Bleacher Report, Albert made his Knicks radio debut on Jan. 27, 1963, as a 21-year-old fill-in for his mentor, Marty Glickman, who was delayed...

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The 'Linsanity' documentary


(Credit: "Linsanity")

Hey, remember February 2012, when Jeremy Lin turned all of New York into Knicks fans, landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated two weeks in a row and the cover of every area newspaper for three weeks?

Yeah, well, now there's a documentary that started well before "Linsanity" shined brighter than the lights of Broadway.

The "Linsanity" documentary, directed by Evan...

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Luther Campbell, high school football coach

Luther Campbell of the rap group 2 Live

(Credit: AP)

At one point, Luther "Luke" Campbell was the most controversial man in America. That was back in 1989 when he was the frontman for Miami-based rap group 2 Live Crew and their, um, not-so-clean album "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" was released.

It was an era of Parental Advisory stickers (in the era of cassettes and CDs), a public backlash against rap music that wasn't just...

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Football Nation tunes in again

The Baltimore Ravens and their former coach, Brian

(Credit: AP)

Before we move on to Sunday’s conference finales – which will be the second- and third-most-watched American television shows of 2013 – let us pause to honor the massive audiences for last weekend’s divisional doozies.

At 8 p.m. Saturday, an estimated 40.8 million people and 24.0 percent of all U.S. households were tuned into the Ravens-Broncos game. At 4 p.m. Sunday, 43.2 million and 25.6...

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Bart Scott: Media treats Jets, Giants differently

Bart Scott understands he may be cut by

(Credit: Getty Images, 2011)

Soon-to-be-former Jet Bart Scott raised an interesting point on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" Wednesday, asserting that the New York-area news media treats the Jets and Giants differently.

"I didn't like the personal attacks," he said on the show. "A quick example now is the media following Rex [Ryan] down to The Bahamas. I mean, who does that?.

"I can’t imagine...

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TNT talkers tout Tyson

Tyson Chandler dunks the ball in the first

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

TNT’s Charles Barkley has gotten me through many a column and blog post with his colorfully skeptical views of the Knicks, so it’s only fair to note when he says something nice about one of New York’s own. Even better, two!

Here is Barkley on the Knicks’ center not getting a starting nod for the East All-Stars: “Tyson Chandler should’ve been there [as a starter]. I love Kevin Garnett but Tyson...

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Trautwig thought Armstrong was a 'jerk' . . . in 1992

Years of speculation is about to end as

Nice job by Oprah Winfrey in her sitdown with Lance Armstrong. She should consider a career in TV interviewing! Best of all for Ms. Winfrey: I and millions of other people now know what channel OWN is on.

Anyway, I have not spoken to Oprah or Lance in ages, but I did have access the other day to MSG's Al Trautwig, who has hosted the Tour de France and has known Armstrong for two decades. Your...

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Manti Te'o story didn't add up

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o celebrates after an

(Credit: AP)

Greetings, people of Earth! It's a Friday, and I'm not in Atlanta or suburban Boston, so it must be time for me to visit the old blog.

Today we begin with the story of Manti Te'o, an episode that has been a profound embarrassment for sports journalists everywhere, as I wrote here.

I know this is way too easy to say now, but it's true: There always was something weird about the dead girlfriend...

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Fox makes a lineup change

Tony Siragusa interviews Eli Manning in an undated

Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick will call Sunday's Seahawks-Falcons game, a development that caused quite a stir when Newsday first reported it, what with Fox having leaped them over the presumed No. 2 team of Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa.

But Fox Sports co-president Eric Shanks insisted Wednesday that the news was not quite as newsy as the rest of us thought it was.


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