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OT is ad-free in NHL

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 19: Marian Hossa #81

(Credit: Getty BB)

The first four games of the Stanley Cup Final enjoyed high ratings and high drama, thanks in part to a total of five overtime periods. Sudden death is inherently exciting, but it helps that there are no commercial breaks in OT.

Speaking of which, why is that? It’s a longstanding tradition that dates to a long-ago compromise between the NHL and TV partners to avoid giving either team an edge...

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James Gandolfini loved his Jets

James Gandolfini accepting the award for outstanding performance

(Credit: AP )

Outside of his two children’s games, Tony Soprano’s sports interests focused primarily on wagering, a business in which he might have dabbled.

But the actor who portrayed him, James Gandolfini, who died Wednesday, was a genuine fan who was a regular at metropolitan-area games, notably involving Rutgers and the Jets.

In a 2007 episode of “The Sopranos,’’ Tony is told Eric Mangini – “Mangenius’’...

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'Mad Men' mocks Mets

Linda Cardellini as Sylvia Rosen and Jon Hamm

(Credit: AMC)

It is not unusual for the 2013 Mets to be a pop culture punch line, but at least they have company. Take the 1968 Mets. Please.

On a recent “Mad Men,’’ the character Arnold Rosen tells his “friend’’ (long story) Don Draper that he has been meaning to invite him to a game and often has access to Mets tickets. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t,’’ Draper says.

Jon Hamm, who plays Draper, is a...

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Dave Jennings, RIP

DAVE JENNINGS Jennings, a punter with the Giants

(Credit: Newsday/Alan Raia)

Dave Jennings’ improbable football story began with fashioning a career as a punter after never playing the position (or sport) at Garden City High and ended with a career in radio built on reasoned opinions and deep knowledge. Novel concept!

The fact he did all of the above near his hometown playing for and analyzing both the Giants and Jets completed the unusual, old-school narrative.


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Gregg Popovich is fan unfriendly

Please don’t tell my colleagues I revealed this, but here is a little sportswriter trade secret: Much of the time we do not personally care in the least why coaches and managers do what they do. We ask because it’s our job, and because we are seeking answers for our readers, listeners and viewers.

So when guys such as Gregg Popovich and John Tortorella refuse to answer legitimate questions...

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John McEnroe, Nelson Mandela net a connection

John McEnroe and other celebrities attend the New

Even a third of a century later, John McEnroe said people ask about his loss to Bjorn Borg in the 1980 Wimbledon final “a hundred times more’’ than any other match.

That includes Nelson Mandela, who once told McEnroe he listened from his jail cell.

“I felt like a complete jerk that he listened to the match at the Robben Island prison when I was whining about the call,’’ McEnroe, an ESPN...

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Wheeler, LeBron are ratings hits

From left, Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey watch

(Credit: Getty)

Big night in sports Tuesday, even for those of us who had to miss some of it for the high school track and field awards banquet. (Did I mention my daughter set a school record in the pole vault?)

Many people certainly watched. SNY scored its highest Mets rating of the season for Zack Wheeler's first MLB start, averaging 3.23 percent of New York-area homes after entering the night with a season...

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'Seinfeld' DVDs are Bobby Ojeda-bound

11. Stand Up for a Cure: An Evening

(Credit: AP Images)

Remember my blog post Friday in which SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda revealed that while he is a fan of Jerry Seinfeld - who had called Ojeda his favorite person on TV in a Twitter post two days earlier - he never has actually seen Seinfeld's iconic 1990s show, "Seinfeld"?

Well, if not, check the link above or read the cut and paste below. Anyway, Ojeda's admission shocked many fans of...

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O.J. Simpson chase chased NBA Finals off NBC in some markets

The O.J. Simpson car chase happened 19 years

(Credit: AP, 1995)

O.J. Simpson's slow-motion white Bronco chase remains a where-were-you-then moment for most Americans over age 30 or so - 19 years to the day later.

Mine? I was at Madison Square Garden covering Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which presented some unusual challenges.

Some of my fellow journalists were in the media work room, watching the game on TV for logistical purposes, then found themselves...

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Bill Simmons at it again

Twitter is adding video content to bolster ad

(Credit: Getty Images, 2011)

Bill Simmons has a history of trouble with the Twitter police at ESPN – including twice being banned from tweeting for a time – for sharing blunt opinions with his more than two million followers.

But that hasn’t deterred him. Thursday night he was at it again. First he tweeted a complaint that a crack he made about Dwyane Wade was deleted from late editions of “SportsCenter’’ and added a...

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