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Robin Roberts receives Arthur Ashe Award at ESPYs

TV anchor Robin Roberts accepts the Arthur Ashe

(Credit: AP)

One of the highlights of Wednesday night's ESPY awards was Robin Roberts receiving the Arthur Ashe Award.

LeBron James presented the award, referring to Roberts as one of the strongest women he knows.

“It’s a moment I couldn’t even begin to dream of when I began my career, you heard me, I just wanted to be the best sports journalist I could be,” Roberts said in her speech. “I wanted...

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7 train leaves thousands stranded at Citi Field

7 train

(Credit: 7 train. (Getty Images))

Here is my account of the events at the Willets Points subway stop mass transit meltdown in the immediate aftermath of the MLB Home Run Derby:

I exited Citi Field approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of the Derby, and encountered masses of people walking up the steps of the subway station, as one would expect after a sold-out event at the stadium.

But the closer I got to the...

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HBO's 'The Crash Reel' is a smash

Sports documentaries don't get much better than "The Crash Reel," premiering on HBO at 9 p.m. Monday. (Do record it if you feel you really must watch the Home Run Derby at that hour instead.)

Director Lucy Walker provides an extraordinarily intimate look at the life, career and family of snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who with the 2010 Winter Olympics approaching was competing on par...

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Jon Hamm would like to play Gordie Howe in a movie

GORDIE HOWE, Hockey Howe retired from the NHL

(Credit: UPI (1979))

Don Draper, the “Mad Men’’ character that made Jon Hamm famous, does not appear to be much of a sports fan. But Hamm the actor very much is, especially when it comes to the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues.

“The Cardinals are No. 1 in my heart, but the Blues are a solid 1A,’’ he said when I asked him to choose between them.

Fame has given Hamm many opportunities to express his sports fan...

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Chris Chambliss ready to part with 1976 ALCS bat and ball

Chris Chambliss jumps for joy after connecting on

(Credit: Getty Images)

Chris Chambliss finally is ready to part with the bat and ball that ensured his place in baseball history, and he does not expect to be all that sentimental about it.

 “I don’t think so,’’ he said of an auction scheduled for Tuesday at the All-Star FanFest at the Javits Center. “It’s a memory that will still be there for me. It doesn’t change what happened.’’

What happened was a...

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Dario Franchitti helps 'Turbo' go for all the marbles

"Turbo," rated PG After a nitrous oxide accident,

(Credit: AP)

“Realism’’ seems an odd notion for a movie that concerns “a 230-mile-an-hour snail,’’ as Dario Franchitti described the lead (animated) character in “Turbo,’’ which opens Wednesday.

But the three-time Indy 500 champion and the film’s technical advisor said that is precisely what DreamWorks was after in the story of a gastropod who aspires to win the big race at the Brickyard.

“The attention...

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Adam Sandler on Michael Kay's acting debut: 'He stepped it up'

Yankees play-by-play man Michael Kay calls Hartsdale home.

(Credit: Getty Images)

Michael Kay has been around the Yankees on a daily basis for a quarter century now, but his acting debut has him playing a “Belichick-ian’’ high school football coach, complete with a hoodie with the sleeves cut short.

Also Belichick-ian: Kay does not say much, just a handful of lines in Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups 2,’’ premiering Friday.

But that was more than enough for the YES play-by-play...

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Mrs. Met to appear at All-Star Game

Mrs. Met and Mr Met pose for a

(Credit: Marc Levine)

Mrs. Met has been busy in the two weeks since she made her Citi Field debut, first schmoozing with journalists at an event to showcase All-Star Game dining options, then showing up on the field with Mr. Met July 3. But things will get really hectic next week, culminating with an expected appearance at Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

Mrs. Met existed as a cartoon character in the 1960s and appeared...

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Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic to be in-stadium announcers for Home Run Derby

ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning"

(Credit: ESPN)

While fans watching on TV will hear Chris Berman’s trademark “back, back, back” call for Monday’s Home Run Derby on ESPN, those at Citi Field will get Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

MLB invited the ESPN Radio morning hosts to be in-stadium announcers. Why? “In all candor, I don’t know,” Greenberg said. “But we said, ‘Absolutely.’”

By the way, Greenberg is a Yankees fan. How might that...

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All-Star Game the hot ticket in town

All-Star Game apple at Citi Field.

(Credit: Instagram user miggyflavored)

After two visits in six seasons, the All-Star Game is unlikely to return to New York until Matt Harvey is retired. So it is understandable that there is considerable interest in tickets to the big event at Citi Field next week.

Early Monday, the average asking price for a ticket strip for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was $1,103.22, according to TiqIq.com, up from $1,098.23 last year, $613.61...

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