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Not-yet-jailed Charles Barkley works on golf swing

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I previewed the first episode of Golf Channel's "The Haney Project," in which famed instructor Hank Haney tries to fix Charles Barkley's spectacularly messed up swing.

The series debuts Monday night and runs for seven episodes, which by the looks of Sir Charles' situation in Week 1 will represent quite a challenge.

"I've taught more than 50,000 golf lessons, and this will be the biggest project," Haney said in a news release.

Is the series worth watching? As with most Golf Channel stuff, a lot depends on how serious you are about the game. Diehards likely will find some of this amusing. For non-golfers, even Barkley's familiar shtick won't be enough to sustain interest.

The weirdest thing in the premiere is seeing tape of Barkley when he was much less bad in the mid-1990s.

Through no fault of the producers, the project suffers from the fact that these days it is difficult to watch Barkley doing his thing for the cameras without thinking about his five-day jail sentence later this month for recently mixing alcohol and driving.

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