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Tim McCarver has no plans to return to local TV

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There is an item in my Friday newspaper column in which I quote Tim McCarver about this weekend's Dodgers-Mets series.

Other topics we covered:

On whether it is easier to be critical doing national games compared to local ones: "I never worried about that in the first place. I tried to respectfully treat a local broadcast as I would a network broadcast. I didn’t worry about what I said or go home thinking, 'Oh, boy, I’m in trouble in now.'"

On whether he enjoys the lifestyle of only doing national games: "That’s fair to say. I think my days of doing local broadcasting are over and have been for the last six years."

On whether having Joe Buck do baseball only sporadically has been difficult: "It has not been a problem at all. I thought it might be when we started out and Joe was doing football in the middle of August. I thought there would be more of a problem, but I think this is further evidence that Joe Buck is as good as there is in the business and as good as there ever has been in the business."

On whether he has thought about how much longer he will work: "The thought has passed through my mind, but one of the real rewarding things of my life is my work. The travel always is a problem. But it’s very rewarding to continue to do a good job and stay contemporary."

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