From "Scarface" to "The Godfather," take a look at some of Al Pacino's most memorable movie roles.

"The Godfather"

"The Godfather" (1972): Pacino was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as the intense, conflicted mob son Michael Corleone. (Credit: Paramount Pictures)


"Serpico" (1973): Pacino was nominated for a best actor Oscar for his role as a New York City cop who goes undercover to expose corruption. (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

"The Godfather Part 2"

"The Godfather Part 2" (1974): Pacino again was nominated for best actor when he reprised his role as Michael Corleone. The movie was the first sequel to win a best picture Oscar. (Credit: Paramount Pictures)



"And Justice for All"

"And Justice for All" (1979): Pacino received his fourth best actor nomination for his role as a Baltimore defense lawyer asked to defend a judge he despises in a rape trial. (Credit: Columbia Pictures)


"Scarface" (1983): In Brian DePalma's remake of the 1930s gangster film, Pacino played Tony Montana, a Cuban boatlift refugee, who rose to the top of Miami's drug underworld. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

"Scent of a Woman"

"Scent of a Woman" (1992): Pacino finally won a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of the blind U.S. Army Lt. Col. Frank Slade. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

"Glengarry Glen Ross"

"Glengarry Glen Ross" (1992): For playing ace salesman Ricky Roma in the big-screen version of David Manet's play about real-estate salesman, Pacino was also nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar. He was the first male actor ever to receive two acting nominations for two different movies in the same year. (Credit: Scott Landis)

"Carlito's Way"

"Carlito's Way" (1993): Pacino played a gangster who is released from prison with the help of his lawyer (Sean Penn) and vows to go straight. (Credit: Universal Pictures)



"The Devil's Advocate"

"The Devil's Advocate" (1997): He played.... Satan! (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

"Any Given Sunday"

"Any Given Sunday" (1999): In this Oliver Stone-directed drama, Pacino plays an aging football coach. (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)