Anti-holiday bar Jingle Hell's protests seasonal cheer on the Lower East Side

Calling all Grinches.

A pop-up bar in revolt against stereotypical holiday cheer is serving up seasonal cocktails with names like Gingerbread Guts and hosting activities like naughty caroling on the Lower East Side through Dec. 10.

Jingle Hell’s characterizes itself as an “anti-holiday bar” and a “protest against the annual insanity known as the holidays.”

But the website for the pop-up annexing the SKiNnY Bar & Lounge at 174 Orchard St. doesn’t mask its ulterior motive: “shameless promotion” for a new SYFY TV show starring Christopher Meloni as a drunken ex-cop-turned-hit man and Patton Oswalt as a tiny, imaginary blue pegasus named Happy. It's all set in a shady version of New York City during this time of year, and we'll bet you can picture that universe without watching one episode of “Happy!” Just think of sparkly tinsel cluttering every store window, Bing Crosby's saccharine “White Christmas” playing on repeat at the supermarket, drunken Santas roaming city streets...

If you despise all of the above, meet your Scrooge soulmates at Jingle Hell’s for cocktails (a.k.a “holly jolly coping mechanisms”), photo-ops with a “very bad Santa” and games like “Humbug Trivia” and “Ho Ho Bingo.”

Here's what you'll find at the bar offering an ironic refuge from Santicon and all things holiday-related:

Drinks include the Ho Ho Holy Sh*t

It's a vodka cranberry punched up with some raspberry-infused liquor and ginger beer, and served with cranberries floating in your glass. Who needs relish when you can have a cocktail?

If you hate cranberries as much as the holidays

...the Worst Noel might be for you. The drink blends vodka-infused tea, simple syrup, a slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint.

Look up from your glass

...and you'll see a ceiling covered in Christmas decorations, from green garlands to strings of Christmas lights to traditional tree ornaments to bows and bells. Peer a little more closely, and you'll also spot some sinister clusters of pill bottles.


About that “very bad Santa” we mentioned earlier

He's scheduled to make appearances on weeknights from 5 to 10 p.m. and on weekends from 2 to 10 p.m. Most of the time, he'll be sitting in his workshop, waiting for you to pose for a photo with him and his big bag of coal.

He may stray though

The allure of sugary shots is just too strong.

You don’t need him to entertain you, though

Play Cheer Hunter, an 8-bit arcade game that invites you to shoot and slay turtle doves, snowmen and arctic puffins near Santa's workshop, or claim a surprise gifts from the Naughty & Nice claw machine.

The bar has also booked a pianist for every evening, so expect live music.

Jingle Hell's is open at 174 Orchard St. in Manhattan through Dec. 10. Hours of operation are 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Monday through Wednesday, and noon to 4 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.