Chick-fil-A's FiDi restaurant, the company’s biggest, is now open

Chick-fil-A's fourth stand-alone Manhattan location opened Thursday in the Financial District, with five stories and a rooftop terrace where customers can eat their fried chicken sandwiches overlooking One World Trade Center.

The fast-food giant — known for its crispy poultry, Sunday closures and its CEO's stated views on gay marriage — advertised the restaurant at 144 Fulton St. as its largest ever in September, a milestone confirmed by a company spokesman on opening day.

The 12,000-square-foot space features large windows, a skylight and three dining levels that can seat 140 guests, including the roof deck featuring a view of the Freedom Tower. Only four floors are open to the public, with the basement serving as a kitchen for cold food prep.

Take a look at the restaurant's unique features for yourself below:

A rooftop terrace

The eatery's rooftop terrace offers a sweeping view of One World Trade Center. The view is unlikely to ever change, since the Fulton Street subway station is next door.

A staircase topped by a skylight

The eatery's staircase extends from the fourth level to the ground floor. Above it sits a skylight, which admits natural light into the space.

Three levels of dining space

The restaurant seats 140 people.


And a design that pays homage to the Twin Towers

Chick-fil-A's designers have stacked the building with glass windows, with "elements built into the facade that give a subtle impression of the Twin Towers," said design manager Nathaniel Cates.

White accents to widen the space visually

The new eatery is only 15 feet wide, but in order to make it appear bigger, Chick-fil-A's design team has added white accents, like a white wall that extends along the staircase, which is meant to reflect light down from the top floor, Cates said.