Halloween candy: 13 creepy treats

This Halloween, skip the Snickers and go for something scary!

From gummy body parts to edible versions of the wholly inedible, check out these new and classic spooky Halloween candies.

Gummy Severed Fingers

Chew on some gummy fingers and get in the holiday spirit! The cool thing to do this Halloween will be to have bloody severed fingers hanging from your mouth, so don't snooze on these. Get them at Oriental Trading for $6.99 (42 pieces).

Gummy Body Parts

Can't decide on severed fingers or brains? Go for a medley of body parts. Get them at Candy Warehouse for $9.75 (50 pieces).

Cadbury Screme Egg

What's spookier than a Cadbury Cream that bleeds green? Running out of them! Stock up at Candy Favorites for $58 (box of 48).


Gummy Mice

No exterminators necessary for these sugary mice! Find them at Candy Nation for $3.45 (1 pound).

Zombie Blood

This bag of lime-flavored zombie blood is 80mg of caffeinated liquid - complete with iron, protein and electrolytes. PARTY TIME for the walking dead, y'all! Get them at Candy Warehouse for $60 (12 pieces).

Gummy Brains

You know who loves to eat brains, right? ZOMBIES. On Halloween when you see one, throw some gummy brains at them and hopefully they'll go for it! Get them at Blair Candy for $7.95 (2.8 pound bag).

Zombie Food

Everyone loves zombies and therefore everyone will also love Zombie Food. Brains, feet and heart shaped candies are filled with gushing red blood (caramel) and are covered in chocolate. Gross! Get them at Groovy Candies for $14.95 (24 packages).

Bloody Bones

Unless you're a dog, or a monster, bloody bones probably aren't that appealing. Spook trick or treaters with these faux-blood-covered sweet tart candy bones. Get them at Groovy Candies for $15.95 (3lb bag).

Bloody Eyeballs

Bloodshot eyeballs are a must for any Halloween party. Float them in a punch to create a ghoulish ambiance. Get them at Groovy Candies for $17.95 (3 pounds).

Witchy Warts

Warts! They're so disgusting. These witchy wart candies actually look a little like pill capsules, so they are versatile for Halloween. Give out bags to trick or treaters or empty a bag into a pill jar to carry around all night at a party. People won't know what to make of you! Finally, it's Halloween! Get them at Oriental Trading for $4.98 (48 pieces).

Lizard Lips

Lizard lips are similar to their wax fang cousins, but they come in multiple colors and feature jagged teeth. Mix it up with these bad boys. Get them at Oriental Trading for $5.58 (41 pieces).

Mystery Flavor Toxic Waste

We're almost 100% sure this old fashioned candy isn't actually toxic. It is "hazardously sour" though! Scare your guests clean with this trash-barrel treat at Economy Candy for $1.49/each.

Giant Gummy Party Python

What's scarier than the realness of this candy snake is its size! Don't confuse it for a real, scary reptile! Get the ultimate party candy at It'Sugar for $150.