‘Mean Girls’-themed holiday brunch party invites you to wear your sexy Santa outfit

A "Mean Girls" Jingle Bell Rock brunch party is set to take place at the midtown pub 5th & Mad on Dec. 16, and guests are encouraged to wear sexy Santa outfits or pink, like The Plastics. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Grab the red vinyl skirt and high-heeled, knee-high boots out of your closet for this “Jingle Bell Rock”-ing party.

Months before the “Mean Girls” musical hits Broadway, midtown gastropub 5th & Mad is hosting a Dec. 16 holiday brunch with games, cocktails and food inspired by the 2004 cult classic film — with the Tina Fey-directed comedy playing in the background.

Attendees are “encouraged to wear their skimpiest Santa outfits for an all-venue rendition of Jingle Bell Rock,” a news release says, so you may need to pop by your neighborhood sex shop and brush up on your stripper moves in advance. In lieu of a Christmas costume, organizers ask that you wear the Plastics’ signature pink.


A $30 brunch party ticket covers the price of an entrée, dessert and an hour of bottomless prosecco from noon to 1 p.m., but bubbly won’t be the only booze available.

Cocktails on the menu include the Glen Coco (after that random North Shore High School student who receives four candy cane grams) and the Carb-less Butter (we hope it burns carbs, too, because we’re still recovering from Thanksgiving stuffing overload). Win the title of Spring Fling King or Queen, and your bounty is two free cocktails of your choice.

Wannabe Gretchen Weiners can score freebies, too: Be the first to answer “Fetch!” any time the bartender shouts “That’s so . . .” and you’ll be rewarded with a complimentary shot.

As for party favors, the bar is promising free condoms — with the Coach Carr-esque disclaimer that “you will get pregnant and die” if you use them.

Tickets for the “Mean Girls” Jingle Bell Rock Brunch at 5th & Mad ( 7 E. 36th St.) are available here. The party takes place from noon to 5 p.m. on Dec. 16.