Señor Frog's NYC meets beachy, boozy expectations

If you hear croaking at the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, it's likely from a ribbiting good time at Señor Frog's!

Located in conspicuous proximity to both the Port Authority and Times Square, the tropical vacation hot spot for spring breakers finally opened its doors on Aug. 27.

New Yorkers, or more accurately, those visiting New York, waited years for the first Señor Frogs to open in NYC and the bi-level, 22,000-square-foot restaurant and souvenir shop does not disappoint.

After relentlessly searching 11 Times Square for the entrance (it's on 42nd Street off Eighth Avenue), amNewYork stopped by the new venue for a "working lunch" -- i.e., fiesta.

Enter through the gift shop!

There's plenty of beachy swag here to welcome you to Señor Frog's. At a restaurant with the catchphrase "unleash your fiesta" you may want to invest in a yard-long plastic cocktail cup.

You probably don't have to wait for a table...

You'll descend into the basement to eat and drink, but there's free Wifi, no worries.

Below the shop, lounge in the shark-themed booth before your table is ready. The entire lower level restaurant was dim and cozy on a weekday afternoon (we think we'll be back during the next Polar Vortex, for comfort).

Go big, or go back to the office

Full disclosure: we didn't think a 28 oz Big Frog on the rocks was a great idea for a Monday afternoon, but if you have your sights set on Señor Frog's, we recommend visiting at a time when you can enjoy the extensive drink menu.


Don't forget the queso!

On a menu ranging from BBQ to tacos to pasta to New York favorites -- hot dogs -- we decided to play it safe: salt and fat. The queso, served with salted tortilla chips, had the taste and texture of warm Velveeta, but was an overall pleasing start to our meal at Señor Frog's.

Jack Johnson played on the stereo and an old game show on mute screened on the stage, which has live nightly performances. "Chill" was the best way to describe Monday's lunch ambiance.

Be prepared to follow the rules.

Every menu lists these very important Señor Frog's guidelines.

Pasta la vista, baby!

Our server recommended the Jerk Chicken Pasta ($17.50) off the "Pasta la vista" section of the menu. Fettuccine covered in creamy Alfredo sauce topped with a mildly jerk-seasoned chicken breast was pretty enjoyable. A side of garlicky Texas Toast didn't hurt either.

Don't even expect a plate.

Baja Fish Tacos ($15) came in a kitchen sink! "Caribbean" coleslaw, pico de gallo and chipotle dressing also filled the basin. Giant mouse traps and mini ice cream carts are also used to serve food at the innovative new restaurant.

Viva la fiesta.

There's nothing particularly Mexican or Frog-like about Señor Frog's NYC -- nope, no frog legs on the menu! But there is a spirit of fun in all 22,000 square feet. A balloon artist came to our table to measure us for special hats, a DJ booth pumps out music at night and live performances (dancing! choreography!) are frequently on the stage.

As far as Times Square restaurants go, we're not going to lie, this is a fun one.