Unicorn food trend has taken its rainbow grip on NYC

Maybe it's the '90s kids in us that makes Lisa Frank-inspired food look appetizing, or maybe we're all just looking for a little magic in our day. But it's clear unicorns are making a mark on our city.

If your first introduction to magical food was Starbucks' limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino, you'll be surprised that eats based on the mythical creature reach much deeper than that.

We've also learned that creators of culinary creations based on these rainbow-dusted horned animals are passionate about their subject. Here are a few local spots where you can try them.

Unicorn cookie dough spread

From the makers of the buzzy rainbow bagel, The Bagel Store's owner, Scot Rossillo, has whipped up more magical "precious works" at this Williamsburg shop. Deck out your colorful bagel with Rossillo's Unicorn Cookie Dough, a sweet, egg-free spread topped with white chocolate chips and, of course, edible sparkles. ($3.70, 754 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn,

Unicorn Cannoli

This colorful cannoli is Gelso & Grand's latest take on their massive "Holy Cannoli," a dessert that feeds two to four. This unicorn treat is made with a waffle cone shell brushed with edible gold dust. Half of the cannoli is filled with a lavender berry filling, and topped with strawberries, graham crackers and mini macarons, while the other half is filled with a vanilla cream and topped with sprinkles, and a slice of funfetti cake. ($18, 186 Grand St., Manhattan,

Unicorn latte at The End

This magical latte is not only pretty, it's apparently good for you, too. Williamsburg's The End debuted this Instagram-worthy drink in January. Part of the cafe's selection of "healing lattes," this whimsical drink is made from ginger, lemon, coconut milk, and E3Live blue green algae. And, like Starbucks' take on the unicorn, this beverage is caffeine free. ($9, 522 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn,


Rainbow iced latte

This latte is healthy as it is colorful. From vegan cafe The Good Sort, this layered beverage includes all-natural ingredients including blue algae, beet root, oat milk and turmeric. ($8, 5 Doyers St., Manhattan,

Soft Swerve's magical cones

Ice cream from Lower East Side's Soft Swerve appear to be a unicorn-lover's dream. Its unique, Ube purple yam ice cream -- one of the many flavors Soft Swerve offers -- can be topped with rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, fruit and other treats to perfect your colorful cone. (Prices vary, 85B Allen St., Manhattan,

Unicorn Parade milkshake

The name of this treat from New Territories pretty much speaks for itself. This vanilla ice cream and Ube sweet potato-based shake is topped with whipped cream, Fruity Pebbles dust, marshmallow, Pocky sticks and finished off with a chocolate and sprinkles-rimmed glass. ($12, 190 Orchard St., Manhattan,

Big Gay Ice Cream pints

This New York City dessert staple has been repping the unicorn for years, from its storefront decoration, to its newly released ice cream pints. Take home a tub of your favorite Big Gay flavor, from "Salty Pimp" to "Rocky Roadhouse," each featuring a unicorn enjoying a cone. ($5, multiple locations,