Halloween costumes for pets

Let everyone get into the spooky spirit this Halloween, even the pets. If there's anything cuter than these dog and cat options for Halloween, we'd like to know.

Despicable Me Dog Costume

This puppy has become a minion! ($19.99 on sale,

Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Star Wars Ewok or puppy? ($14.99 - $19.99 on sale,

Grreat Choice Witch Hat

This strap-on witch hat is the perfect costume for cats that would rather not dress up. ($6.39,


Stegosaurus Pet Costume

Look out! There's a stegosaurus on the loose. ($34.99 on sale,

Bat Dog Costume

Let your dog go batty this Halloween. ($11.99 on sale,

Taco Dog Costume

All the cool dogs are donning tacos. ($19.99 on sale,

Giraffe Dog Costume

Let your little dog take on new heights in this giraffe costume. ($15.99-$19.99 on sale,

Pumpkin Dog Costume

Slip your pup into this costume with detachable pumpkin hat. ($15.99-$19.99 on sale,

Grreat Choice Mouse Hat

What's cuter than a cat dressed like a mouse? ($6.39,

Pumpkin Scrunchy Dog Collar

A festive scarf adds style to a pup's costume. ($9.99,

Headless Horseman Rider Costume

Maybe your dog wants to spook the kids a bit? This headless horsemen costume should get the job done. (Starting at $13.99,

Disney Kermit Ride Along

Put your pooch in this Kermit costume to look cuter! (Starting at $19.99,

Halloween Cat Nail Caps

A manicure for a festive kitten. ($21.99,

Pumpkin Small Pet Costume

Halloween is fun for the whole family, even the hamster! ($4.79,

Disney Eeyore Costume

From puppy to Disney character in one quick costume change. ($19.99-$21.59,

DC Comics Superwoman Dress

Your dog will save the day in her Superwoman costume. ($15.99,

Hot dog costume

That's one hot dog. ($15.99-$19.99 on sale,

Bacon Pet Costume

If your dog dreams of bacon, now he can BE the bacon. ($14.99-$16.99,

For all those girly-girl dogs, there's the cute cupcake dog costume (from $22.94,

Is it the spectacles or the hat that make the Where's Waldo costume so darn dapper? ($22.99,