Hanukkah gifts we'd keep for ourselves every night of Hanukkah

Oh Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah, it's time for some gifting.

Hanukkah begins the evening of Sunday, Dec. 6!

With 8 nights to exchange presents, you better start stocking up on gifts to give (or add to your wish list).

GeltFiend's Hanukkah Sweaters

This Los Angeles-based sweater company re-designs classic Christmas sweaters and accessories with Hanukkah-themed patterns. Dreidels, menorahs and even snow rabbis are featured on their adorable patterns. The collection even features a Crown Heights inspired sweater: "a playful homage to our Hassid peeps who keep it real 365 days a year." $30 & up,

Vodka + Latkes t-shirt

Whether you're "totes kosh" or just in it for the food, celebrate Hanukkah with the gift of style from Unkosher Market. Muscle tanks boasting slogans like "Kiss my Tuchis" and "Matzah Ballin'" are also for sale. $48,

Manhattan Skyline Menorah

You can never have too many menorahs! This Hanukkah candelabra designed by SVA alum Valerie Atkisson features iconic buildings of the NYC skyline and will look perfect lit up in the window of any New York home. $176,


DAVIDSTea 8 Nights of Tea

The box doesn't explicitly say Hanukkah on it...but this tea sampler gives you a new flavor in your mug each night of the holiday. Each tea tin makes 3-4 cups of tea so there's plenty to share! $28,

Customized Colorfilled Oreos

There's nothing like a colorful -- and OU Kosher -- cookie! Customize a colorful pack of Oreos with the design, name and message of your choice and you don't even need wrapping paper. Packs of 36 sandwich cookies mean the gift can really last all eight nights! $10,

Mazel PJ Set

Mazel Tov -- you got in a nap in today! Celebrate the miracle of a good night of rest with this two piece pajama set inspired by "What What Happens Live." $150,

Oy Vey Flask

For anyone attending family gatherings, this might be a necessity. To hold oil to light the menorah, of course! But actually, vodka and latkes make an excellent pairing. Fill up this gift with your favorite spirit for an extra special gift. $58, The Jewish Museum

Li-Lac Chocolates Hanukkah Gelt

Making some of New York's favorite chocolate since 1923, Li-Lac has its gelt game down. These kosher-certified milk chocolate coins are embossed with the Statue of Liberty for a fun NYC twist. $28 for 112 coins,

Hanukkah Nail Decals

This nail decals by New York based Midrash Manicures feature dreidels, menorahs, gelt and Judah the Maccabee right at your fingertips to add some holiday flare. $11.99 for 49 decals,

Hanukkah Gingerbread House

The Upper East Side's William Greenberg Desserts makes this elegant and oh so sweet Hanukkah House -- complete with an icing mezuzah! $50,

"Eating Delancey: A Celebration of Jewish Food"

For the hungry Hanukkah celebrator, this new cookbook by powerHouse Books in DUMBO celebrates everything tasty about Jewish food in New York City. Lox, rugalach, chopped liver -- it's all in here! $35, powerHouse Books

Sudha Pennathur Hanukkah Pillows

Add a bit of elegance to the holiday spirit with these hand-beaded throw pillows in Hanukkah designs! Relaxing on the couch after a long evening of frying up latkes with an 'Oy Vey' pillow sounds just about perfect-- give your host a laugh and a nice piece of decor with these pillows. $95,

BONUS: A Hanukkah Miracle!

Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the light in the temple burning for eight whole nights on a minimal amount of oil. Modernize your Hanukkah celebration by gifting the friend eternal light. Or, well, extra iPhone juice. Kate Spade New York's portable backup lithium-polymer battery is cute enough for gifting and practical enough to keep the true miracle of Hanukkah alive. $80, Best Buy