NYPD officers charged with raping woman in police van resign, department says

Two NYPD officers are accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman, sources said on Oct. 27, 2017. Photo Credit: Diana Colapietro

Two NYPD officers accused of raping an 18-year-old woman in Brooklyn in September walked into police headquarters in Manhattan on Monday morning and resigned, the department said.

Eddie Martins, 37, and Richard Hall, 32, quit just a week after a Brooklyn grand jury indicted them on rape and other charges after the alleged victim accused them of taking her away in a police van following a drug stop and forcing her to have sex.

By quitting, Martins and Hall, who had been suspended without pay since their indictment, will be leaving without their pensions, a police source said. The source couldn’t say if any part of the resignation had been negotiated with police brass beforehand.


Mark Bederow, who represents Martins, confirmed that his client had resigned. The defense attorney for Hall couldn’t immediately be reached. The two officers have maintained that the sex was consensual.

Hall and Martins had resigned just days before a departmental trial that was scheduled to begin Thursday, the NYPD said in a statement Monday. 

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said the charges against Martins and Hall "tarnishes all of the admirable things accomplished by other, good officers" across the city.

"It also stains the legacies of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to New Yorkers," O'Neill said in an emailed statement. "Had these charges been upheld in an upcoming departmental trial, I would have fired them immediately. And I would have done so on behalf of every NYPD cop, because we owe the communities we serve — as well as the honest, hardworking men and women of this department — nothing less."

Martins and Hall pleaded not guilty to the charges in a 50-count indictment alleging they raped the woman on the night of Sept. 15 and forced her to perform oral sex in Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend.

“It is incomprehensible that two veteran NYPD detectives would allegedly commit such an outrageous act,” said acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in a statement. “They took an oath to protect and serve, but allegedly violated that oath by raping a young woman who was in their custody.”

Martins, an 11-year veteran, and Hall, who has been an officer for seven years, appeared before Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Danny Chun for their arraignment on Oct. 30. The judge set bail at $250,000 for Martins and $150,000 for Hall. Both officers were able to post bail bonds and exited the courthouse without commenting.


Michael David, an attorney for the woman, said the indictment “validated all her claims.” David said his client didn’t want Martins or Hall offered bail, believing them to be a danger to the community. He has filed a $50 million notice of claim against the city on behalf of the woman.

The charges against the detectives, which include rape, first-degree criminal sex act, official misconduct and other offenses, stem from their nighttime stop of an Infiniti coupe driven by the woman, who was accompanied by two male passengers, Gonzalez said.

The detectives, who were in plainclothes, told all three occupants to exit the Infiniti, officials said. When asked by the detectives if they had any drugs, the woman told them she had marijuana and two Klonopin pills, an anti-anxiety and anti-seizure medication, they said.

Martins and Hall then handcuffed the woman, told her she was under arrest, and let her two companions go with instructions to retrieve her in three hours at the 60th Precinct in Coney Island, according to officials.

It was then, according to Gonzalez, that the detectives drove away in a police van and alternately took turns sexually assaulting the woman. After driving back to the precinct, the detectives had the woman call her friends to pick her up and then gave her back the Klonopin, prosecutors alleged.