The worst things about snow in NYC

By staff

Slush puddles, delayed trains, black ice — snow can be the absolute worst.

Whether it's a massive snowstorm or just a few inches of fluffy flakes, getting around the city becomes a task in and of itself (don't even get us started on alternate side parking).

And just when New Yorkers thought they might be in the clear, leaving behind slushy streets for the greener pastures of spring, another nor'easter showed up to ruin everything.

If you were over this storm (and all of the previous ones) before it even began, commiserate with our list of the worst things about snow in NYC.

Out of room

It's simple: This city is already packed to the gills. Snow, we don't have space for you.

Narrow sidewalks are a fast walker's worst nightmare

Need to walk through midtown? Pack your patience.

Driving / parking

See you again one day, Corolla. (God bless alternate side parking suspensions.)


Dog walking

Seriously, pup? You're lucky we love you.

Garbage, garbage everywhere

The wall of garbage, recycling and ice is actually quite impressive at times, in a really gross way.

People who don't clean up after their dog

Talk about adding insult to injury: Not only do you have to go outside in the snow but you also need to be wary of stinky land mines.

Umbrella people

Guys, those things are weapons. Just put on a wool hat and brave the day like the rest of us.

Riding the rails

On one hand, we're lucky: Hop on mass transit and avoid driving in bad weather. On the other hand, getting to the train can be a treacherous journey. And then you get to share a subway car with 190 other bundled and winter-weary New Yorkers.

Trying to get anywhere

Just stay inside. Really.

Crowded museums

Oh, you thought you'd make the most of a snowy weekend by taking in the latest exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History? That's cute. (Hint: Your favorite bar will probably be just as crowded.)

Fashion (or lack thereof)

Load on the layers and forget about looking cute.

The sound of shoveling everywhere

The sound of plastic and metal scraping on the sidewalk is oh, so much worse than the honking and traffic noises New Yorkers are used to. Shoveling is an ongoing project during and after a snowstorm and the sounds are just oh, so terrible.

Slow food delivery

Snow and slush and ice make that sushi order take twice as long as predicted. Plus, the right thing to do is tip generously in bad weather, so it's going to be even more expensive for your slow, slow takeout.

Devoted bicyclists

Unless you are delivering food, just stop.


Oh, you thought you were headed to the Bahamas? Think again!

Black ice

The photo speaks for itself. Even days after a storm, that black ice can sneak up on you. Slow and steady.

No actual snow days

Have a laptop? Will work. Snow days are a myth. #SorryNotSorry


Ah yes, the melted snow. Our city's streets don't always drain well, leaving behind this cold, dirty slush. Boot up!

But look on the bright side...

Some New Yorkers embrace the snow.

We still love you, NYC

We know there is a beautiful spring at the end of the tunnel. Plus, this is giving us plenty of practice complaining about weather before a disgustingly hot summer.