Michelangelo exhibit is The Met's largest grouping of 'il divino's' work

The artist's drawings, his earliest painting, and handful of sculptures will be a part of the massive exhibit.

'Young Archer'

Michelangelo's first-known sculpture, made of marble, circa 1490.

'The Torment of Saint Anthony'

Michelangelo's earliest painting, of tempera and oil on wood. Circa 1487-88.

'Tityus; Sketches for a Resurrection of Christ'

Black chalk drawing, circa 1530-32.


'Unfinished cartoon for a Madonna and Child'

Black and red chalk drawing with white gouache and brush and brown wash. Circa 1525-30.

'Portrait of Andrea Quaratesi'

Black chalk drawing, circa 1532.

'Archers Shooting at a Herm'

Red chalk drawing, circa 1530-33.

'Female Figure Seen in Bust-Length from the Front (Cleopatra)'

Black chalk drawing, circa 1530-33.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Oil portrait of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra, circa 1544.