NYC holiday windows: Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Lord & Taylor, more

The city's large retailers never disappoint when it comes to their holiday window displays, and this year is no different.

Prepare your eyes for a feast of richly colored, snow globe-like environments, from whimsical, bejeweled dinosaurs around a ringmaster at Bergdorf Goodman to a modern-day Santa Claus looking in on his world at Lord & Taylor.

There is much to see this season and you shouldn't miss out, so we've compiled a list of the coolest and the most nostalgic windows around.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Follow the story of Disney's "Snow White," from her first meeting with the Seven Dwarves to her kiss with the prince, at Saks' flagship Fifth Avenue store. In celebration of the movie's 80th anniversary, the windows are detailed with animated characters, lush flowers, greenery and glowing lights. Four designers -- Alberta Ferretti, Naeem Khan, Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa -- also created one-of-a-kind fairytale gowns for a 21st century Snow White, which are on display in their own windows.

The Queen also makes appearances as her hauntingly beautiful self and as the old woman who gets Snow White to bite the poisoned apple.


Macy's Herald Square is focused on presents, of course: Six windows along Broadway are united under the theme of "The Perfect Gift Brings People Together." Windows on Seventh Avenue include a nod to FAO Schwarz, whose "Return to Wonder" collection is being sold at ... Macy's.


One window features mice dancing under the extravagant dress of a cat while Santa Claus conducts a polar bear band.

Barneys (downtown)

"Haas for the Holidays" springs from the brains of creative twin duo The Haas Brothers, and extends beyond windows to interiors and gifts. The windows at the downtown location (101 Seventh Ave.) rely on Rowdy Roddy Viper to tell the theme of "Snake Love, Not War."

Barneys (Madison Avenue)

The four windows at 660 Madison Ave. aim to tell a story of evolution. The brightly colored "Mushroom Singularity" (pictured) includes hand-beaded pieces.

Tiffany & Co. (Fifth Avenue)

This year's windows feature designer Gene Moore's drawing figures giving Tiffany gifts in playful ways while mini 'stardust' chandeliers, featuring 300 crystals, created by Austrian glassmaker, Lobmeyr, decorate each of the five store windows. The silk backdrop of each window vignette, designed with more than two million stars made of hand-cut paper snowflakes. (727 Fifth Ave.)

This robin's nest, surrounded by constellations, is decorated with large, gemstone rings.

Lord & Taylor

The animated displays offer a glimpse into a world with high-fiving polar bears, a vintage circus and a modern-day Santa checking up on children. This year's theme -- and Lord & Taylor's 80th annual holiday display -- is "The Best and the Brightest." (424 Fifth Ave.)

Among the five windows in Lord & Taylor's display is an NYC-centric one featuring iconic buildings and moving taxis.

Bergdorf Goodman

This year's theme -- "To New York with Love" -- appreciates several of the city's cultural institutions. Each of the seven windows offers a kaleidoscopic, entertaining take on beloved spaces including the Museum of the Moving Image and New York Botanical Garden. (754 Fifth Ave.)

A must for the American Museum of Natural History window: dinosaurs.