Sledding in NYC: Best hills to hit on a snow day

When snow hits the city, there are two things we are most grateful for: not having to move our cars and being able to grab a sled.

Our parks are home to some pretty great hills -- and, let's face it, even a modest slope can provide hours of channeling your inner child -- that are all the much better when covered in the fluffy white stuff.

So zip up your snowsuit and head to these city parks when Mother Nature graces us with enough snowfall to make it worth your while.

Central Park, Manhattan

One of the most popular and steepest sledding spots in Central Park is Pilgrim Hill, near 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue and marked by a statue of a pilgrim at its peak. For a spot that's better for small children, try Cedar Hill, near 78th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The namesake park in Sunset Park, with its main entrance at Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street, has a hill that's steep enough to speed down -- but not too ridiculous to climb once you're ready for another round. Just watch out for the fence at the bottom!

Fort Tryon Park, Inwood

Known for housing The Cloisters, the park, at Riverside Drive and Broadway, is also a solid sledding spot. Enter from the southern end to get to the ideal sledding hill at Billings Lawn, which comes with a view of the New Jersey Palisades.


Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Riverside Park offers you a choice of slopes on Riverside Drive between 92nd and 103rd Streets, but it's the hill at 103rd that the Parks Department recommends most.

Carl Schurz Park, Upper East Side

Hit this slender park by the East River and you might just see the de Blasio family pulling a four-person toboggan: Gracie Mansion sits inside Carl Schurz Park, at East 86th Street and East End Avenue. The best slope is a lawn north of the mansion at 89th Street and East End Avenue.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park's expansive grounds offer up plenty of sledding -- and skiing -- opportunities, but your best bet is near the Tennis House at Prospect Park West and 9th Street.

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

Enter the park at Willoughby Avenue for a family-friendly hill leading to a wide-open field, or join the crowds by the tennis courts. Myrtle Avenue borders the north of the park, Dekalb on the south.

Juniper Valley Park, Queens

Grab your sled and get ready to compete for a prime spot in this popular park, where sledders congregate on Juniper Boulevard at 75th Street (look for the tennis building).

Astoria Park, Queens

Wander just off of Ditmars Boulevard to 19 Street and Shore Boulevard and you'll find a popular sledding hill, unbeatable views and a year-round bathroom (as if you could get that snowsuit off, anyway).

Forest Park, Queens

Families with young kids will love the hill at the Mary Whelan Playground at 79th Street and Park Lane South.

Crotona Park, Bronx

Winter doesn't bring baseball weather, but there's a hill behind ball field No. 3, at Fulton Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway, that's perfect for snow days.