West Village vacant dry cleaners transformed into comic book shop

By staff

Kurt Bollers' West Village Comics store features a “quarter of a quarter” of one storage unit, with most of the items still in storage, but they're books that are officially rated based on their condition and therefore, more valuable.

A boy peruses the colorful covers inside the shop.

A selection of "Deadpool" comics lay on top of boxes of books.

Store owner Kurt Bollers with a crossover "Treasury Edition" of "Superman vs. Batman" comic, which was an early collaboration between DC and Marvel comics. These editions are not made anymore.


Comics with "Variant Covers" are displayed at left.

Original 1970s production celluloids of "Black Panther" are displayed on the wall.

The "Artists and Writers Wall of Fame" is signed by visiting artists and writers.

"Variant Edition" comics have alternative covers to the regular editions.

Merchandise is also for sale at West Village Comics.