4/20 recipe for ‘weed’ butter from chef Michael J. Cirino

4/20 recipe for ‘weed’ butter from chef Michael J. Cirino

For chef Michael J. Cirino, it’s high time for cannabis to enter the culinary lexicon.

Like other “legal” intoxicants, including caffeine and alcohol, cannabis, too, can be used in moderation, he said. Consuming edibles need not be associated with complete intoxication.

“Wine, coffee … Those vices and others, everything except cannabis has been accepted into modern society,” he said. By understanding the chemical compounds of the plant and learning how to take lighter doses, Cirino hopes cannabis will reach a similar status.

Cirino is teaching cooking with cannabis courses at the Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg. The first is April 20 (4/20) and is sold out. The next is on May 11. (Editor’s note: Throughout this piece, we are discussing cooking with pot, but marijuana is not legal for recreational use in New York. Therefore, a stand-in was used: oregano.)

Here’s how to make “weed” butter:

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