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Action Bronson's New York City is all about Queens eats, bagels and Chinese takeout

Action Bronson knows what's delicious in New York City.

The Queens born-and-raised rapper, former chef and current host of VICELAND's "F---, That's Delicious" has had more than a few delicious meals all over the city.

Bronson, via phone and so "stoned I can’t even speak English anymore," led us on a tasty tour of his favorite foods throughout the city.

Here's where to eat like Mr. Wonderful himself.


Bronson recommends eating in his native Queens, especially
Photo Credit: with_l0ve via Flickr

Bronson recommends eating in his native Queens, especially in Jackson Heights and Corona, which boasts "50 different nationalities within the blocks," including some great Latin and Indian eats. "That's my neighborhood," he said of the area.

He's especially fond of local Queens eats due to their consistency, Broson noted. "That's the good thing about Queens -- it hasn't changed and it's not changing anytime soon." Unlike today's Williamsburg, "It has its own vibe and flavor. It's the most characteristic borough in all of NYC."

Why? Well, "It's so far from everything people want to be by. It's its own place." Former Brooklynites begging their friends to come hang out in Astoria may agree.

The ultimate meal

Bronson's absolute favorite meal, which he estimates he's
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Bronson's absolute favorite meal, which he estimates he's eaten at least 27,000 times, starts with a stop at Kabab King, 73-01 37th Rd., Jackson Heights, with an order of grilled lamb chops. From there, head outside to the nearby halal cart for an order of crispy lamb on pita.

Hope you're hungry, because the next bit is an order of Tibetan dumplings stuffed with scallion and beef and an "unbelievable fire sauce" for dipping.

From there, waddle down the block to the Indian sweets shop for gulab jamun, which are fried milk and honey balls, some stuffed with cream.

"It's the perfect meal all on one block," said Bronson, who admitted to often swinging off the highway to stop at one or all of these favorite spots.

An unexpected gem

Taipan Chinese Fusion (184-22 Horace Harding Expy.), an
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Taipan Chinese Fusion (184-22 Horace Harding Expy.), an Indian-Chinese halal fusion spot in Fresh Meadows, tops Bronson's list.

"This is a place I frequent a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot," he said.

Get the sweet corn soup to start, either vegetable or chicken. Bronson follows up with the "drums of heaven," or the crispy chicken with dried chili and honey.

Then, it's imperative you order the chili fried lamb, which is "the best dish probably in New York City right now, period," Bronson said. "I just wish somebody would recognize it."

Save room. "They also do a Szechuan chicken and then you just get a bowl of lychees at the end to just clean yourself up."

If you're going to splurge ...

Bronson recommends upscale La Sirena (88 Ninth
Photo Credit: Anthony Jackson

Bronson recommends upscale La Sirena (88 Ninth Ave.), Mario Batali's new restaurant in the Maritime. "Oh man, he's my hero and I got to eat with him," he said of the "almost surreal" meal. "I don't know if that's what makes his food taste better to me," Bronson said, explaining that the mashed fava beans, calamari and grilled broccoli topped with thin slices of broccoli stems made for an "unbelievable dish."

Another top spot is Michael White's new Vaucluse (100 E. 63rd St.). "It got a bad rap from a certain food writer but I believe he was wrong," said Bronson of Pete Wells' December New York Times review. "The pate en croute [pictured] was unbelievable, escargot unbelievable, with the dirty rice, heavenly stuff," Bronson noted of his meal there.

To splurge even further, stop into Daniel Boulud's eponymous Daniel (60 E. 60th St.). Bronson recommends the pressed duck, which he eats on a new online episode of his show. Actually, it was a bit unclear if these "upscale" recommendations were more promotional than earnest, as Bronson listed off quite a few shiny new restaurants with high-profile chefs.

When asked about why these made his top list, he said, "These are all places I dreamed of eating at," and mentioned something slightly incoherent about "good friends" and "feeling welcome." So if you're buddies with Batali and Boulud, totally check out these spots.

The best pasta ...

Bronson said one of his favorite not-too-pricey restaurants
Photo Credit: Evan Sung

Bronson said one of his favorite not-too-pricey restaurants is the new and buzzy Lilia (567 Union Ave.) in Williamsburg, a neighborhood he frequents.

"Lilia, hands down, has my favorite pasta dish in life right now," he said of the Malfadini with pink peppercorns and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

"If you like cacio and pepe, you'll go nuts ... it's like you're eating a bowl of flowers," he said. "Chef Missy Robbins is killing it."

NYC's best Chinese takeout ...

Bronson says the
Photo Credit: Shar C. via Yelp

Bronson says the "best takeout Chinese that there is" can be found at Golden Fountain at 116-16 Metropolitan Ave. in Richmond Hill.

"I'm not sure why, it's the chef," said Bronson of the restaurant's specialness. "The sauces are always perfect, it's always balanced. It's a perfect symphony of takeout Chinese food, it's just such a thing."

Bronson recommends the "General Torso Chicken, you gotta always get it."

Additionally, "You gotta always get the spare rib tips," which are reportedly pretty much glazed in molasses and are "unbelievable." The wonton soup also comes highly recommended.

And the best bagels in all of NYC are ...

Photo Credit: bambambaklava via Instagram

"The best bagels on the face of the planet are at Utopia bagels on Utopia Parkway, deep in Queens," said Bronson. "They're the fluffiest, crunchiest, flavorful, unreal, hypnotizing piece of dough that has ever been crafted by the hand of a man or a woman."

But don't head all the way out to Utopia for the shmear, Bronson's not having it.

"One thing that bothers me about New York City cream cheese is that they always put too much, it [expletive] bothers me," he said. "There's a shmear issue ... It goes all over your face and you look like a shmuck."

Bronson has an answer to the big fat "NO" he issues about that big chunk of cream cheese on NYC bagels. "Get one slice of mozzarella and it melts on. It's just so [expletive] perfect."

As for toasting, Bronson is in the "never never never." Well, unless it's not fresh. If it's a sesame bagel, for instance, pull out the middle and toast it with some Polly-O mozzarella cheese.


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