Antica Pesa’s new sausage burger has a Quentin Tarantino backstory

The director had a taste for a patty at a restaurant without one on the menu.

Now you can enjoy this Quentin Tarantino-approved burger.

Antica Pesa is marking its fifth anniversary in Williamsburg with a new addition to its menu.

The sausage burger is inspired by one that its sister location in Rome made especially for Tarantino. As the restaurant tells it, a few years back the director was craving a burger, but since there wasn’t one on the menu, they whipped up a sausage burger that went on to become one of its most popular dishes.

The Williamsburg location’s version features a special sausage blend created with burgermeister Pat LaFrieda, that’s topped with Provolone cheese and served with fries and a special sweet and sour sauce with beer and honey for dipping.

The burger is available starting Oct. 19 for $14. Antica Pesa is located at 115 Berry St.

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