Aphrodisiacs in NYC: Shellfish, chocolate, spicy foods and more

Locally-sourced aphrodisiacs can woo any New Yorker.

“According to the Oxford English Dictionary an aphrodisiac is a drug, preparation or food that invokes lust,” explained food historian Francine Segan. “Something that gets blood flowing to….well all the right places!”

While champagne and truffles may be alluring aphrodisiac treats to some, others may prefer to powers of licorice, vanilla or even avocados!

Medical and personal associations lead to passion in different subjects tested by scientists. “If you’ve always had great sex after eating chocolates then chocolate will be your ideal aphrodisiac,” said Segan. Shape, taste and texture can all lead to a food being considered an aphrodisiac — everything from avocados to ginko to turtle eggs fall in the category of love-inspiring foods.

Popular aphrodisiacs include seafood, chocolate, chili peppers, wine and berries — here’s where to procure them in NYC!

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