Eat and Drink

As Whole Foods prices drop, New Yorkers are tweeting their first impressions

It's Amazon's first day as the new owner of Whole Foods, and prices at the organic grocer are down by as much as 43 percent for some products, according to one report.

The online retail giant announced on Thursday its plans to cut prices on such popular Whole Foods goods as bananas, organic avocados and creamy almond butter as soon as its $13.7 billion purchase of the chain went into effect Monday. (Whole Foods fans have long joked that their favorite store is synonymous with "whole paycheck.")

Amazon has indeed acted quickly: Whole Foods customers are seeing reduced prices, Amazon logos on signs and "farm fresh" displays of Amazon Echo devices by store entrances.

Here's how New Yorkers responded to the changes:

Some were amused by Amazon's new presence at Whole Foods locations

Some were skeptical that Whole Foods prices would actually drop

Others were exuberant at the prospect of paying less

Many were anticipating huge crowds of bargain-hungry shoppers

Some were plotting how to beat the horde

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