Baked By Melissa: Gluten-free cupcakes taste test

If you’re going to break up with gluten, you may need a lot of comfort cupcakes.

Since gluten’s demonization circa 2011, more New York City bakeries are transforming guilty pleasures into gluten-free versions to accommodate customers with health concerns. About 1 percent of Americans suffer from celiac disease, while others claim a gluten intolerance — but the opportunity to enjoy baked goods like the 99% without celiac is a right, not a privilege.

Baked By Melissa has joined the list of NYC-based eateries to jump aboard the gluten-free movement by opening a new location dedicated exclusively to gluten-free treats at 526 Seventh Ave. between 38th and 39th streets. Eight new cupcake flavors were added to the tasty roster, all $1 each and under 55 calories.

Most dessert-lovers argue that gluten-free options lack the flavor and consistency of the original treats.

amNewYork staffers performed a blind taste test to determine which treat they’d rather munch on — gluten-free or “gluten-full.” Each staffer chose a flavor, ate the gluten-free cupcake and its glutinous counterpart, and we recorded their reactions while they (mostly) enjoyed the mystery baked goods.

Most tasters correctly guessed which cupcake was which: gluten can’t hide! Here are the sugary results of our sweet taste test.

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