Ben & Jerry’s releases marriage equality flavor: ‘I dough, I dough’

Say ‘I dough’ to a scoop of this chocolate chip cookie dough!

If there’s any best way to celebrate a historic Supreme Court ruling, we’re going to say it’s with ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s released their newest punnily-named flavor, “I dough, I dough” on Friday in support of SCOTUS’ ruling that same-sex marriage is legalized throughout the United States.

The Vermont-based company’s popular chocolate chip cookie dough flavor will be re-named “I dough, I dough” at participating scoop shops throughout the summer.

A $5 donation to the Human Rights Campaign also earns you a coupon for a free pint and a sleeve to celebrate marriage equality over your ice cream.

Love is love, ice cream is love — celebrations are oh so sweet!

Melissa Kravitz