Sprinkles? Check. Cupcakes, whipped cream and candy? Check.

Black Tap’s newest collaboration is giving us a milkshake with just that -- and more.

Yes, the spot is known for its crazy drinks, but the Black Tap x By Chloe creation takes it to a new extreme. The $15 shake comes with enough dessert items to feed two (or more).

It's a colorful combo of black and pink, thanks to the sprinkles and candy pieces that line the glass’ rim. Topping off the Chill by Chloe coconut ice cream is an entire cream-filled chocolate cupcake, a pink-and-white swirl lollipop and a heap of whipped cream. The entire shake, toppings and all, is vegan. 

Unfortunately, Black Tap doesn’t plan to add the shake to its permanent menu, a representative said. It will only be available Friday through Sunday at its Meatpacking District (248 West 14th St.) and SoHo (529 Broome St.) locations.