Cooking classes in Brooklyn: Where to pick up some skills

Brooklyn is known for its restaurants, but you can learn to cook here too.

Brooklyn is home to highly-regarded food establishments of all kinds, from famous restaurants to historic bakeries to urban farms and gardens. And if you want to get deeper into food yourself, there are also lots of places to take cooking classes.

Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook

This Willamsburg shop and market is the center of all things culinary in the borough. They have just what you need, whether you’re a culinary newbie or an experienced chef. Classes cover the spectrum, and range from the basics (knife skills, intro to chicken) to the creative (Vietnamese street food.)

Brooklyn Brainery

The Brooklyn Brainery is less formal than the Brooklyn Kitchen, and offers courses in subjects other than food, too. This is the place to go if your goal is to have a leisurely, fun time in addition to picking up some skills. Future food classes include: wontons and dumplings, coffee tasting and introduction to canning.


This famous Bay Ridge bakery offers classes from time to time in Brooklyn and also in New Jersey and Astoria. Check the website for details because learning how to make cakes and cupcakes from Allison Robicelli just might change your life.

Whole Foods Third & 3rd

When Whole Foods announced they were headed for Gowanus, they promised cooking classes with both Whole Foods experts and chefs and locals. Most events are tastings – from cheeses to wines.

Kombucha Brooklyn

Want more active cultures in your diet? (No, not music and art.) Looking to get your gut in gear? (No, we’re not talking about doing sit-up’s.) Kombucha is worth a shot. Buying it at the store or in one of the many cafes that have it on tap is expensive, so learning to make it on your own might be a good investment. Kombucha Brooklyn offers classes on a consistent basis.

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts

Located in Midwood, the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts is a professional school that requires admissions for entry but also offers some courses for casual cooks.

Georgia Kral