Chile Pepper Festival hits the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn is heating up this weekend.

We’re predicting it’s going to be hot in Brooklyn this weekend. And no, we don’t mean the temperature.

The Chile Pepper Festival is back at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this Saturday, Sept. 27 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. With thousands of chile peppers currently in existence, there’s a lot to celebrate. 

Chile pepper festivities will include fire breathers, artisan food vendors and live music from six bands (not the Red Hot Chili Peppers, sorry Anthony Kiedis fans).

To eat, sample peppery creations from over 40 local chefs and producers, pick up peppers from the farm stand and take home a pepper plant to call your own. Tours of the BBG’s herb garden will focuse on chile plants to help guests understand where all that spiciness comes from. 

For those who fear the Scoville Scale, that is, the measure of heat units peppers pack, BBG’s program director Anita Jacobs recommends asking vendors for a more mild pepper product, like a ketchup, jam or chile pepper chocolate. Jacobs’ husband is currently working on growing the world’s spiciest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, so stay cautious of any samples from their family garden.

Vendors including Mrs. Kim’s Kimchi, Sir Kensington’s, 303 Salsas, Bacchanal Sauce, Brooklyn Delhi, Rick’s Picks and many more will all help you test your spice tolerance. 

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