Chipotle genius discovers how to get 86% more Chipotle for free

Guac is still extra.

Guac may always be extra, but one genius economist has discovered how to make the most out of your Chipotle order.

Dylan Grosz, blogging for, ordered 35 Chipotle burritos over the course of a work week. With each order, he meticulously separated and measured out the ingredients, methodically discovering how to pack the most Chipotle ingredients into one order.

The standard Chipotle burrito weighs about 17 oz., but burrito size can be increased to 31.7 oz. at no additional cost!

In order to hack Chipotle most efficiently, Grosz found six major ordering strategies to get the most bean for your buck.

Firstly, order a bowl rather than a burrito, but request a tortilla on the side. According to Grosz, this increases your filling by 15%.

If you’re all about that tight wrap, opt for a two-tortilla burrito, free at some Chipotle locations. This increases the weight of your burrito by 25%.

Doubling up is key to Grosz’s menu hacks. Ordering half of each type of rice, both types of beans and pairing up meats pretty much guarantees you’re getting more Chipotle goodness at the same cost. 

For more detailed methodology, you can check out Grosz’s research at

Melissa Kravitz