Break out the coconut and palm tree emojis.

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit — the maker of cool treats that just use fruit, water and cane sugar — launched limited coconut bowls at its Union Square flagship on July 19.

Instead of a plain old cup for your soft serve and mountain of fruit toppings, you can upgrade (for about a dollar more than a large cup) to a coconut.

The special vessels were used for a private event last month to mark the start of summer. Thanks to Instagram posts, customers by the dozens started to request them for themselves.

Now, for the rest of the summer, the coconut bowls will be available on a first-come, first-served basis — with only about 15 to 20 each day to start — for your custom or pre-designed sundaes.

The soft serve comes in flavors such as banana, mango, chocolate and, launching next week, blueberry.

And just remember — the early bird gets the worm — or, in this case, coconut.

Available through Sept. 22, $9.75 (with unlimited toppings); 25 E. 17th St., 646-442-8946,