City Acres Market food hall opens in Manhattan Financial District

The city’s food hall explosion continues this week, and it’s Financial District office workers who will be swarming this latest destination.

City Acres Market officially opened its second location at 70 Pine St. Tuesday (after a “soft” opening on Friday), with sandwich and salad counters, hot and cold food bars, a downstairs supermarket, and stalls for five popular vendors: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, Vanessa’s Dumpling House, JuiceBrothers, The Cinnamon Snail and Beyond Sushi.

“This is basically a one-stop shop for everybody,” said Bibi Janus, a founder of the cold-press juice seller JuiceBrothers who does marketing for City Acres. “You can get your smoothies upstairs and if your other half wants to have dumplings and pizza, that’s fine.”

The company that opened its flagship store in Williamsburg in Dec. 2013 aims to feed FiDi’s sizeable lunch crowd, then equip them with groceries at the workday’s end: “After work, we definitely want them to come back and shop again,” Janus said.

That positions City Market someplace between the legion of new food halls like the DeKalb Market Hall, the Pennsy, the Bowery Market and the Canal Street Food Hall, and Whole Foods, which puts a similar focus on take-home prepared foods, stand-alone counters for meats and seafood, and locally sourced, organic produce.

One thing that stands out about this shop, in Janus’ opinion, is its effort to cater to vegans: JuiceBrothers, Beyond Sushi and The Cinnamon Snail specialize in vegan juices, sushi and baked goods and sandwiches, respectively. City Market also employs an in-house vegan chef.

Take a tour of the new space and its tasty offerings below:

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