Coca-Cola’s Coke Life is sweetened with Stevia

The Coca-Cola Company is jumping on the Stevia trend.

Just for the taste of it… Stevia.

The Coca-Cola Company is getting in on the natural sweetener game with its new product: Coke Life. Even the name makes you feel better about your choices, right?

Apparently, the sweetener is outliving its 15 minutes of fame it found as a deliverer of death on “Breaking Bad” and is now being touted by Coca-Cola as a healthier alternative to to aspartame. Coke Life, first introduced in South America, has a third less calories and a third less sugar, according to the Guardian.

Stevia is plant species Stevia rebaudiana, and is native to South America.

But according to the Guardian, Coke Life still contains four teaspoons of sugar, so it’s not like this is a sugar-free beverage. In fact, a can of Coke Life has just 40 calories less than a regular can of coke, which clocks in at a whopping 139 calories.

Will you drink it or throw caution to the wind and continue guzzling calorie and sugar-free Diet Coke?

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