It's been one year since Cronut-mastermind Dominique Ansel introduced his homage to cookies and milk at SXSW in Austin. And he is taking the opportunity to celebrate.

Ansel posted the news on his Instagram Wednesday morning:

"It's been a year, #cookieshot. This Saturday (3/14), we're celebrating a year of drinking milk in a chocolate chip cookie by offering up the Cookie Shot ALL DAY! See you there!"

This is great news for anyone who's never had a cookie shot. Usually, they are only available in the after-school hours, perfect for tweens and teens just out of class and needing a sugar rush before roaming the mean streets of Manhattan. But now the rest of us desk-slaves who hit up SoHo only on the weekends can have a chance to try one too.

It'll be rainy Saturday, and we can't think of anything better than drinking milk and eating the cup from whence it came.

And these things are really, really popular. We recommend trying one - or three.