Cronut, shmonut: Dominique Ansel now makes a gingerbread croissant!

The specialty croissants have been selling out by early afternoon.

Drop the gingerbread latte, a new pastry delivers the gingerbread goodness this season.

Waiting in line for a Cronut (even if there is free hot chocolate) has become almost irrelevant (for now).

Thanks to a new Dominique Ansel creation, the Gingerbread Croissant, our mouths are watering for something a biy less fried, and a lot more heartwarming.

In the new confection, a flaky croissant is filled with gingerbread spiced frangipane and caramel coulant and topped with caramelized pecans and star-shaped marshmallows reminscent of a delightful children’s cereal. Dusted with a flurry of powdered sugar, Ansel’s Gingerbread Croissant is a perfect holiday treat.

The specialty croissants have been selling out by earlier afternoon, but a Cronut-style stampede has yet to descend on the Spring St. bakery.

Now that we’ve let the secret out, you may want to line up at the bakery’s opening, just in case…

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