Steakhouse ramen unites beef and noodles in a slurpable bliss

It’s only available Sundays after 8 p.m.

Slurp your steak this season.

Davio’s (447 Lexington Ave.), which usually makes the dinner decision between pasta and steak nearly impossible, has created the perfect way to satisfy carnivores with carbs: Steakhouse Ramen.

Only available two hours a week, Steakhouse Ramen is an ideal under-the-radar soup for the carbohydrate-loving carnivore.

What’s in the secret sauce? 

Thick homemade noodles are served atop an umami-packed broth — made from roasted bone marrow, ginger, scallion, onion and brisket simmered for 24 hours — and topped with exceptionally tender spice-coated brisket, thinly sliced okonomiyaki mushroom, shaved white truffle, truffle oil, a boiled egg, toasted nori and scallion. 

With soft, springy textures inherent to each component in the fragrant dish, the bowl packed with ingredients is easy to slurp up, melding mushrooms with noodles and creating slightly different flavor profiles with every twist of a chopstick.

A meatiness coats every ingredient in the bowl, sticking to the noodles like a light pasta sauce, and providing a heartiness oh so perfect for the chilly weather. 

Steakhouse Ramen, $25, is currently on Davio’s menu only on Sunday nights from 8 to 10 p.m.; reservations are recommended. 

Melissa Kravitz