New York's fro-yo-crazed days are officially over.

When popular fro-yo and free WiFi spot Roasttown closed last year, signs soon went up indicating that 37 St. Marks Pl. would be converted to a home of dairy-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free goodness.

Only two ice cream seasons later, DF Mavens has finally opened its fro-yo-free doors at the corner of St. Marks and Second Ave.

Commited to serving a new generation of East Village residents, this new spot (which is also Kosher), has hired a  “vegan friendly” staff, with a staff member acting as a “resident vegan” each shift, according to a press release.

Perhaps the rapidly gentrifying East Village (RIP Benny's Burritos/Yaffa Cafe/Grunge) is just a few more resident vegans away from its very own J. Crew, a ala Williamsburg.

While New York-based DF Mavens has been selling pints of their frozen desserts since 2013, the East Village location marks the brand's first brick-and-mortar store.

In addition to their original flavors, 11 new flavors including Cashew Sea Salt and Acai Berry will be available on a rotating basis. If cold desserts aren't you thing this season, you can also try vegan cookies, smoothies, hot soups and daily homemade almond milk at the shop.

This corner of St. Marks is now officially preservative and cholestrol-free, but just across the street at Gem Spa (no website, because history), you can still find all the cholesterol, dairy-loaded egg creams you desire.