Dig Inn’s spring menu features asparagus, pineapple, mint

Spring is here and there’s no better time to eat your vegetables.

Luckily, for workers in Manhattan there’s an easy way to get this done. You just have to find your closest Dig Inn restaurant.

Riding on the popularity of the eat local/ eat healthy bandwagon, Dig Inn has been bringing its “Farm to Counter” ethos to bear on lunch spots across the city.

And Dig Inn’s seasonal approach to cooking is catching on with New Yorkers: there are currently seven restaurants, with three more on the way and an 11th being debated. All four are expected to open this year.

Founder and CEO Adam Eskin says the goal is to offer fast, easy and healthy food but at a price that is not prohibitive. For $10 at Dig Inn you get a large mixed bowl with a protein, a base ingredient (from grains to salad) and two vegetable sides. A small bowl is around $7.

The restaurant sources 60% of its produce locally when in season, and sells only wild salmon and humanely-raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat.

Dig Inn’s menu changes with the seasons, and amNewYork got a sneak peak (and taste!) as well as a lesson on the health benefits associated with each dish. These menu items will be available starting April 21.

“We rotate our menu seasonally so we can serve produce we truly believe in, from ground to plate,” said Eskin. “At the root of it, fresh ingredients just taste better.”

Georgia Kral