Dominique Ansel Bakery — home of Instagrammable baked goods like the Cronut and the Cookie Shot — is celebrating its fifth birthday this weekend by offering some new sweet treats.

For this weekend only, patrons at the New York location will be able to try two desserts that so far have only been available at Ansel’s locations overseas. New Yorkers will get to try DAB Tokyo's Onigiri Soft Serve — an ice cream version of the Japanese dish, which is typically comprised of a triangle of white rice partially wrapped in nori, or seaweed. Ansel’s version is composed of a nori waffle shell, filled to order with a sweetened rice soft serve and covered with puffed rice and a salt plum jam.

The SoHo location will also be serving up a recipe from DAB London for Banoffee Paella: an English dessert of Banoffee pie (made from bananas, cream and toffee) in a paella pan over caramelized bananas.

But not all of the new items on the menu this weekend will be fleeting. The bakery will launch its new Blossoming Hot Chocolate on Friday. Each cup comes with a marshmallow flower, held together with a thin chocolate ring. When the marshmallow is placed atop the hot chocolate, the ring melts and flower opens up — or blooms — and reveals a chocolate bon bon inside.

The actual fifth anniversary of the bakery’s opening is Nov. 2, but the celebration will go on from Friday to Sunday. In addition to the special menu items, the bakery also promises “surprises” for guests and those who are waiting it out on the Cronut line.