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Dominique Ansel's after-hours dessert tasting table opens Friday

First Heartbreak: a menu item at Dominique Ansel's

First Heartbreak: a menu item at Dominique Ansel's new dessert tasting table U.P. Photo Credit: Evan Sung

Not one to be put in a box, Dominique Ansel is breaking the tasting menu rules by offering a fine-dining tasting for eight people: comprised of only desserts. 

U.P. (Unlimited Possibilities) features eight courses that revolve around a theme and will be paired with cocktails prepared by guest mixologists. The theme will change bi-annually and begins with "First."

"Focusing on the first big moments of our lives, each course in the "First" does more than just present flavors but tries to capture a memory," the press release reads.

This is the chef who created the Cronut and the Cookie Shot, so we already know he is creative, having tapped into human psychology and the potency of nostalgia to create pastries and treats. Translating a "first" into a dessert shouldn't be too hard!

For "First," cocktails are created by Don Lee (PDT, Momofuku).

Sample "First" dishes and pairings:

First kiss: Raspberry, fresh mint, vanilla cream

"A sweet moment so special that it's served in custom-made bowl - a smooth bowl for gentlemen because they are kissing ladies with smooth cheeks, and a stubbly bowl for the ladies, to represent the scruff on their guys. To match, a butter popcorn-infused rum and cola drink brings you back to the teenage years of making out in a movie theater."

First heart break: Bergamot, cocoa nibs, marshmallows, bitter almond

"A unique nod to the classic "he loves me, he loves me not" flower. With a center of rocky road ice cream (a break up must) with a touch of bergamot for that bittersweet edge, the real show-stopping moment is in the way the petals are flambéed tableside."

U.P. launches Friday, July 17 and tickets are on sale Monday mornings at noon for the following 7 weeks at Parties of 2 only with seatings at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 137 Seventh Ave. South. $75 per person/ $35 for cocktail pairings.


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