Dominique Ansel Kitchen opens April 29

Get ready for pastries made with care — and to order.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen is now open.

The Cronut-creator’s “hybrid” bakery, first announced back in January, will serve desserts freshly prepared, just as they are in a restaurant.

“Certain pastries can be finessed over and sit out for a while. Others cannot,” Ansel told us when the bakery was announced. “A chocolate mousse sitting in a fridge for a few hours will harden and turn dense compared to super light consistency of one where the ganache and whipped cream are folded fresh. Certain fruits darken when left out. So why not build a tart fresh to order with the fruits mascerated on the spot? Time is a big ingredient in all cooking. Eating certain things past their prime time is like over or under-salting food.”

Since January, much information has come out about DA Kitchen, including the exciting info about a tasting table for 8 guests, which is set to open in a few weeks. Eater reported that Karys Logue is the new executive pastry chef there.

There will also be a window selling soft-serve ice cream.

Ansel has also been sharing some pastries in the works on his Instagram feed. From toasts (squid-ink brioche WHAT?!) to incredibly gorgeous mille feuille to a ridiculously rich looking Viennoisserie with chunks of orange compound butter and shaved chocolate, excitement is high!

Georgia Kral