Donut Rat is Pizza Rat’s newest underground nemesis

Yes, donut rat happened.

Rodents and food have enjoyed more than their five minutes this fall. 

Pizza Rat kicked off the publicity tour for Milkshake Squirrel and Bagel Pigeon, only to be trumped on October 30 with a video of Donut Rat indulging in dessert.

YouTube user Dustin Sherman uploaded a video he shot at the East Broadway subway station at 2:30 a.m. on October 30 showing a rat carrying a donut across the platform.

Donut Rat doesn’t seem to struggle as much as Pizza Rat, who had to navigate the stairs, but 23 seconds in, Donut Rat seems to successfully escape the public eye, full donut in tow.

What a hero. 

Start dismantling your Pizza Rat costumes, it will be all about Donut Rat this Halloweekend. 

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